Saturday, March 18, 2006


Day 32

Yeah so we've been having problems with blogger and i've been lazy, but I feel like posting now so whoever's still reading, here's an update.

School was okay this week, classes for me are one right after the other and they're situated across the fucking campus so I always have to run. And you know those teachers who take all the fucking time to finish the class. You know who I'm talking about, the type that don't have a freakin watch so they rely on their internal clock memories to determine when the class is over, and they always finish at 11:59 and 32 seconds, when the class ends at 12, so I have to run my ass off to get to the next class. Plus these teachers sometimes say, "for those of you that would like to hear, there was this story about..." which means "I know some of you have to go to your classes, but the others, here's whats gonna be on the final exam". Fucking assholes. Anyways I get to my next class where I'm supposed to hand-in an assignment, but the TA isnt due for another hour, just great, took 30 mins to find the fucking building. I love asking for directions here, "How do I get to the Storie Dixon Building?", "Oh... thats easy, go in there, go up the stairs, turn left, then go down the hall, hop on your left leg and run three times around the security guard, then climb the wall on your left, when you're 73.2 degrees with the vertical axis of gravity, swing to your left through the crack and take off your clothes. Drop your clothes in the air sucking tube and jump in the water, swim across and into the drainage pipes, come out the other end, dry yourself off, grab your clothes, go down the reverse escalator and you'll come to room U440". "WHAT THE FUCK? IS THERE AN EASIER WAY?". "Nope, I think that's the easiest one.....there's another way but you need a second-degree skydiving license".

But anyways, besides for how it's impossible to find a class, we went to a couple of parties during the week at Manning Bar and actually made friends with the bouncer, we listened to some of his BS stories and nodded and laughed, no matter how racist, unethical or boring. So we should be set for going into parties easily now. More and more of the chinese people in this hotel are speaking to me and trying to be my friends, but I don't understand what language they're speaking half the time. What is it about me that attracts asians? Ay Mike Yee?

Among other things, we went to Bondi beach which was really gorgeous. We saw some sick surfers there and I was a bit jealous, I want to go surfing again really badly. But I love how some of you people from Montreal exagerrated about Bondi beach saying "Oh yeah there are Israelis everywhere, you can find kosher food easily". Bullshit. We couldn't find a kosher restaurant next to the beach, I had to google map it when we got back and it's like 15 min from the beach and hidden next to "Ali Babas", so what the fuck? But anyways on our way back we stopped at Coles at Bondi Junction and I bought a lot of Kosher meat, only to find out the expiry date for all of it is in 2 days, so I have to somehow eat 10 pounds of meat by then.

The gym's getting pretty good, I can almost do 1 lap in the pool, and I realized that you have to tighten the water goggles to the point of your eyes almost popping out to not get water into them. That's what I get for being jewish and buying the $3.99 pair. Life is getting so much better, I'm really enjoying myself. Ever since we started taking trains (which are 3 floors by the way) and going to different places, I'm enjoying life here a lot more. The heat is just amazing and I hope it lasts for a long time.

We went to the Opera house also which was very nice and took a boat tour. They showed us where the Zoo is, it's about $25 a day per person to go, so I think we're gonna go sometime this week or next week and finally take pictures of kangaroos and koalas. Although I heard koalas here are carnivores and eat little human babies, so I'm a bit scared of that.

We met a lot of annoying people on this trip, among them:
1) Woman in line at Manning Bar that kept blowing bubbles with her "Magical" soap water, I just wanted to make her swallow that bottle.
2) Digital Signal Processing teacher who is pakistani and we don't understand what he's saying, ever!
3) The washing machine that only takes exact change. One $2 coin and two 20c coins, WHAT THE FUCK?

Check out our pictures in Photo Album #3 on the top left of this page.

This is Gaby signing out as usual, with a finished beer.

- Gaby

hey gaby it's great to hear from you,
one thing u're at the beach and u`re checking out the surfers instead of the girls.
Whathever its ure call.
I hope both you and lior are still having a blast, good luck with everything
Such a nice Jewish boy. Don't worry, Gab, those supplies will be gone before they're rancid. We all know how good you are at packing meat, hehe.

asian invasian mothafuckas... sooner or later we gonna be humpin all of you! hahaha
Show's over folks. Nothing to see here....
guy update this shit!
OMG will day 32 ever end? WTF? The sun not coming up over there?
Hey, I am here because I am looking for the "Storie Dixon" Building... I still can't find it. Maybe you can tell me.
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