Friday, April 07, 2006


Day 63

Hey everyone…It’s been a while, things are going well, and Australia is pretty cool.
We’ve been up 2 a lot over the last month. We went to the Sydney harbour and the famous Opera house. We went to check out some bands last week. One of them was really good. I think they were called The Devoted Few. We also went to Bondi beach a couple of times. For me it’s all about the beach…I went surfing…I’m getting better (you should seriously try it at least once in your life).
We went to Kings Cross last Saturday and had a pretty good time…didn’t we Gaby
And Wednesday we saw Russell Crowe on King Street which was pretty cool..I think he sucks personally but I can’t complain. Today we went to Bondi again and a bird took a dump on Gabriel’s back…I took a pic.

Gab got me to start watching this show called LOST about some people stranded on an island after their plane crashes. They left Sydney and were headed for L.A (that’s the same trip we have to make to get back home).nice!
I got Gab to start watching the Sopranos. Tony got shot. Gab also follows the habs with me. I can smell the Stanley cup all the way from Australia.

I am forever indebted to Ali G season 1 and 2 for hours of laughter; I know his episodes off by heart.
Hope everyone is alright
Take care
Happy Passover
More to come…

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Day 62

Still alive... laptop dead, in for repairs...

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