Saturday, March 11, 2006


Day 24

To summarize the past 3 days you missed, we went to a party and stood in line for 2 hours, then when we got in we actually had to wait in line again to go upstairs (this was a 3 floor party). That was a fucking annoying night, but once we got into the place the DJ was really good. What sucked is that we walked to the Bottle Shop to pre-drink and each had a Jack Daniels + Coke mix and some Bourbon and Gingerale mix, so I was pretty drunk waiting in line, and by the time we got to the door I was completely sober. So we had to drink some beer to get back into party mode. But all in all that party was sick, if we had bought tickets in advance we wouldn't have waited in line.

Leor bought his guitar and has been playing it in the room ever since. He's really good, he knows how to play some relaxing songs. Sometimes when he's hungry he starts playing Blues songs about how he needs food, it's enough to bring tears even to my eyes.

I've been going to the gym all week, swimming every second day and working out every other day. The gym is actually the worst gym i've ever been to in my life. Not only do they not have a lot of machines, but they have duplicates of the shitty machines, so that when you walk in and you see 8 machines, there are acually only 4 and they're all shitty. I have to workout using free weights for everything. Oh and you should see the line-ups to get onto the machine. I had to flash my biceps like 8 times in line to make the little chinese people in front of me give up on working out, knowing they could never reach that level. *cough*

But out of all the days on this trip, I think today was the worst one for me. We woke up at 6am, really happy to go surfing, and the day began with a simple oil burn on the stove, ok, not so bad, at the time it killed and it was hurting all the way to the beach but I was putting ice on it. Finally we get to the beach and i'm all happy and ready to go out surfing.

And for the first 30 minutes I was in heaven, I caught 3 huge waves and was able to ride them for such a long time, it seemed too good to last. And it was. Because when I headed out after 30 minutes, I suddenly felt the sharpest stinging pain I've ever felt in my life on my arm. I lift my arm and I had these blue dots over a line on my arm, I just got stung by a Bluebottle:

Thats what those little fuckers look like, and they float on top of the water, but because of their color you can't see them. Once you hit one it pops and these blue needles fly out and hit whatever's near it. So while my arm is killing I yell to Josh to ask him what to do, and while I'm yelling, needles hit the 4 fingers on my left hand and at that point I'm in so much pain that I'm about to go crazy. They say getting stung on your fingers is one of the worst. I got back onto shore luckily without getting stung anymore and rubbed the blue needles off of my skin but I could feel my arm inflaming and killing. I ran to the First Aid booth and they gave me ice to put on it and told me to take a cold shower. After 25 minutes of severe pain, the ice had melted and I went back to get more but they wouldn't give me more ice. He said "bear with it for the next 20 minutes". Like, this wasn't even something medical, he just didn't want to use up all the ice, i'm sure he wanted to keep his ice cream cold in the freezer or the body parts from the last whore he probably raped and killed. At that point I was just pissed off and I just sat on the beach for 20 minutes trying to pass the pain. Finally the pain subsided to the level of an oil burn (which is still really bad but I was able to tolerate it at that point). We stuck around the beach for a bit, some of the guys we went with were doing some skateboard tricks at the roller park and then we headed back. When we got to the room we took a picture of the one on my arm:

Those dots on the left in a straight line are where the needles went in, you can see there are a bunch of them, at this point it doesn't hurt much, it's just itchy like poison ivy.

We paid a months rent and went to the broadway shopping centre to pick up some food. It's funny how we came out with 3 bags of junk food and a case of 24 beers, thats nourishment right there. But we grabbed 1 milk and eggs also so I guess we'll be able to have breakfast tomorrow morning. It was a lot of shit to carry and Leor stole one of those hand baskets that you shop with so that he could carry it back home. So we stole a shopping cart and a basket so far, nice. Tomorrow we'll go back and buy some real food but for now i'm munching on jellies thinking "Ahhh, this is the life".

Poor gaby. Though its not the first time a public servant told you to take a cold shower. Poor drunk Gaby.

- Eli
Keep the pics coming. Feel free to take more pics of the Sheilas. Don't keep them all to yourself!
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