Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Day 20

The longest day of school ever.

We woke up early in the morning to add a course, we figure if we add Introduction to Sociology then we can drop it up until March 17th, we're trying to replace Economic Geography because it's one of the most boring classes i've ever been to in my life. So we added the course and switched the sections at Madsen building and headed to our first class, Digital Signal Processing. I'm actually pretty happy with the course because it's just like Signals and Systems 1 at McGill which I already took and the teacher looks chill. School is different here, instead of 2-3 lectures per week we have one 2 hour lecture and a tutorial (which are bullshit, you don't have to attend). So basically I only have this class once a week. Right after class, we ran to our Jewish History class, Palestine: Roman rule to Islam. It looks pretty interesting and the past final exam had questions like "What are tzitzit?", "What is a mitzva?", so I don't think it's gonna be very hard. The prof in that class was very bubbly though, you know what I mean? She was always smiling and giggling like one of those people who you think they love their lives but probably go home suicidal and beat their kids. So yeah we sat through that class for 2 hours with a break in the middle. During the break we went to find a water fountain and we saw the University workers painting the grass with mini paintbrushes from the dollar store. I don't know if I was THAT dehydrated that I was hallucinating that but it looked really weird. Next me and Leor split up because I had to go to my Artificial Intelligence class. It seems pretty interesting, I'm not gonna go into detail about it because I'm surrounded by nerds so it's competition for who's smarter in class. Finally I headed back to our room at 5pm when classes were over. I went for a 45 minute swim at the pool next door and then we made supper, pasta with sauce. We emptied a 5 person serving bag into our plates (so 2.5 servings each) and went into the common room to eat it. Then the chinese guy there kept asking us where we got the pasta and shit while I was trying to eat, the whole time I was thinking: if Alex was here he'd beat the shit out of him for interrupting him while he's eating. Anyways we watched some TV and went back upstairs. We downloaded Season 2 of Ali G and headed out to a party around 9pm. I got a little tipsy and we spoke to a bunch of people from the Hillsong group. There were some OK bands playing and this phillipine prostitute whore sat down next to us at the table and started bumming cigarettes off our pack. She took 2 and another girl came and asked for one. So I guess the way to pick up girls in Australia is to leave a pack of cigarettes on your table while you're talking to your friends, and then they come to you. Fucking sluts. If you're offended by this then stop reading my blog. This is how I write and I won't change for you, yes you, stop looking around, I'm talking to YOU <insert your name here>. I watched an episode of Ali G and passed out.

who said they got offended by anything u said ?? i'll KILL them. nobody is getting offended so just continue. have an easy semester.
Watch '' House '' there was a fucked up episode last week with a chick who had balls !
think of the children gaby!
That picture advising to swim between te fags is HILARIOUS!!! Love the caption too. We also have a gas stove here in the apartment we're renting - it's called a 747 and was probably brought to the country by the Russian owners of this apt. Now we all know the origins of the jumbo jet....and you're fortunate enough to have a peice of history in your apartment. Word of advice: When you turn on the stove, make sure you;re turning the right gas knob - and do not inhale more often than required to survive or you will die. Love you Gabs, Leor I'm sure you do weird shit in your sleep too...
All the best boys

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