Saturday, March 04, 2006


Day 16

Today was “line day” because we stood in line for half the fucking day. We woke up in the morning and checked our courses online but couldn’t see our schedules because of “time clashes” between courses. So we went to the International office and waited in line for 20 minutes for them to tell us to go to Madsen building and wait there. We met an Austrian guy in line at the International office and a couple of Americans from Philadelphia in the Madsen line. Now this line-up was huge, it took us 1 hour to get inside the building to wait in another line. We finally got to the computer geeks that were fixing the schedule clashes and fixed all of mine except one. Which meant I needed to drop a class. So I went back to the International office and dropped one of the classes that clashed and added another one. Then when I checked my schedule online, it was another clash, but this time even worse because I would miss an entire class once a week. But you know what, I’m tired of waiting in line so I think I’m just gonna do that. I don’t go to class anyways at McGill and I seem to do well, so how bad could this be? (famous last words). Oh, on our way back to the International office we saw John (the guy you met earlier in our first two days in jail), and spoke to him for a bit. That was funny running into him. We went for lunch, there was a free BBQ and while waiting in line, Eric, one of the surfer club guys came and gave out flyers. We asked him when we were going surfing and he said tomorrow, we just need to signup at the booth downstairs. So we ate lunch and signed up. It was free transportation, free surfing and free BBQ at the beach so we couldn’t resist. Now we’re really excited to go surfing, I’ve always wanted to do that. We headed back to our rooms, went on the Internet and watched some TV. There was this gay Australian show, I forgot what it’s called, but basically it was really really retarded. There were two groups that had to play against each other, the first competition was running across wet floats in a pool to the other side and slapping a pie in your teammate’s face (what the fuck??). The team that slapped the most pies would win round 1. Oh god, what the fuck is round 2 gonna be then. Round 2, they chose some random hoe from the audience and the losing team from round 1 had to have a hoola-hoop competition against her. Surprise, surprise, she was a professional hoola-hoop circus freak, so she was able to do 14 hoola-hoops at once and destroyed the guy doing 3. The next round, they had to catch their team’s balls that sprayed out of an elephants mouth and put their balls into a clowns mouth as quickly as possible. Whoever came up with this game show was definitely on crack. Once the show was over and I recovered from the seizure I just had watching it, “The Hunted” was on so we watched it, and then we got kicked out of the room because they were closing. We went to sleep early because we have to wake up early to go surfing tomorrow, around 8am.

So...gaby. Did you end up putting your balls in a clown's mouth?

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