Thursday, March 02, 2006


Day 15

I'm writing this drunk, so don't judge me or my writing skills.

We woke up this morning freezing cold once again, we're both too lazy to turn that fan off so we leave it full blast. It's funny, we go to sleep boiling hot and wake up freezing, I guess we do feel part of Canada in our stay here (suckers..). Wow im so fucked up I can't remember what we did today, hmmmm. Oh ok well I remember we went to school and I went to change a class. Trying to take some easier shit so that we can relax more during the week. My schedule is pretty sick considering i'm taking 4 classes and one is basically Jewish History. We met another German guy in line and this American from New York who had a twitch in his eye. I don't know what it is about me but I always notice those things, I blame Eric Cohen, he's brought out the over-analyst in me. We then headed to watch today's band, who were pretty good but I can't remember their name right now, and walked around the booths to pick up free shit (shampoo, 2 x lipton iced tea, cotton candy and slush). We then walked in the wrong direction because I kept telling Leor I knew where we were going. We got to the other side of campus and they told us we were in another city so we were like FUCK and walked back the way we came, guess I fucked up lol. We headed back home and I worked on work-stuff for a couple of hours. Then we went to watch this tv show about a cop and his dog upholding justice in a city, followed by an old Smallville episode. It's all good in the hood. We went to this party but on our way we stopped by "The Bottle Shop" to buy some booze and the cashier was Canadian, from Toronto. We drank on our way to the party at Manning Bar and got there pretty trashed. We waited in line until we couldn't wait anymore because we had to pee so we found a bathroom, peed and went back in line. We were basically in line for an hour and a half until we got in and the bitch told us we needed IDs to get in which we didn't have, so Leor begged her to come in and she said "OK, BUT NEXT TIME...", yeah, whatever bitch, we didnt wait in line for an hour to get sent back home. So we went in and scoped out the place...

We got some beers and chilled out, it was a 90's party so they were playing old shit like MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice and Queen. WHERES THE RAP MUSIC??

Anyways, we drank some more once we got there, on Leor's tab:

And had a great night!

Check out pics on the left. I'm gonna go pass out now, or make soup if I can.

Gnite folks!

WE WANT PICTURES OF YELLOW TEETH !!! he has become a legend in my office as I ave 4 Aussie's working here !
Gaby, who you kidding? You're all Hammer-time all the damn day. You rock the shiny parachute pants...old-school.
- Eli
Hope your still having a blast and wish you the best of luck with your new place.
Hey boys,
Miss you both terribly. I cant believe we're never gonna have class together anymore :(
Keep bringin those stories, i see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Alex...I don't smoke..Im just posing for the camera with Gabriel's cigarette. Ask Gaby about his new tattoos and nipple rings.
take care, ill speak to you soon.
whaaaat!!! those beer cups says "H.A" on them!

Those midget water fountains are called "bubblers." :)
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