Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Day 14

Getting tired of having to continually update yourselves on our lives? Well too damn bad, because we're gonna keep writing this shit, it's what keeps us sane and happy.

Today was a fun day, we woke up at around 9:30am which means we were already late for adding/dropping classes at the International office. We ate breakfast quickly and got dressed quicker, and we walked down with the list of our courses. When we got in there, there was already a huge line up, but we managed to squeeze our way into the middle of the line. Then we realized that everyone had forms that they had received at the back of the line, so I asked this guy behind me where to get the slip and he told us we cut in line in front of him but we kept the conversation going in other directions to throw him off topic, about 20 minutes later it was too late to tell us to get to the back of the line so I guess he gave up. He told us how he was sitting on a bench reading a book and this old man started touching him and asking him if he was gay. I guess reading in Australia is a big no no. He also told us that he was in mechanical engineering back in his home town, and that he just wanted to relax for the semester. Like an idiot, I thought about how i'm taking Jewish History as a joke so that school would be easier and so I told him, why don't you take German History or something. And suddenly, when I realized what I just said, we all became uneasy for a minute. Yeah, he really wants to recount German History, with one of the most ruthless dictators of all time. So I quickly told him to take German Geography or something and tried to change topics once more. We finally got to the front of the line and got the forms to fill out, we filled them out and submitted our course changes and got out of there without getting beaten up by the other half of the line behind us. We grabbed some free lunch (yay, veggie burgers). We then walked over to the 100 or so booths for different clubs and societies at USYD. A lot of them were interesting but they were all christian for some reason. Christian Football Team, Christian Lacrosse Team, Christian Water Polo Team, Christian Jews for Jesus .... what the hell is going on. We found the hillel booth and I bought myself this t-shirt for $4..

Then there was this guy that gave a speech and kept talking about "Liberal Scum" and bashing anyone who was liberal. Following him was a band called Dappled Cities Fly which Leor loved, he says they sounded like Radiohead and the guitarist looked like Richard Zednick (the hockey player), and he got a picture with them. We headed back to the rooms to relax for a bit. Then I saw it, a fucking cockroach ran into our room and under my suitcase, when I lifted the suitcase it had disappeared but we caught it running under Leors bed and then under mine. We tried to find it and kill it for 10 minutes before we headed back for movie night. We watched kung fu hustle, a very funny movie and it was followed by very nice fireworks which we weren't able to take pictures of, it's kinda hard catching them on camera. What a party, right Leor?

When we got back to our rooms I went to pee. When I opened the door to go out I saw the cockroach on the side of the door but again I didnt want to get my shoe dirty so I started rolling up toilet paper to stick under my shoe before I squash it. It realized I wanted to kill it so it ran under the door and back into our room and disappeared again. This time I was pissed because I knew I wouldnt be able to sleep if I didnt kill it. Luckily I saw it running across the floor at some point and whipped the toilet paper roll at it. It back flipped 8 times before landing on its back. A-HA! Who's running this bitch now ay? Leor then grabbed it with the toilet paper and squashed it. I told him to throw it off the balcony but he said he would just flush it down the toilet. I've seen enough movies to know cockroaches can swim in toilets so I'm never peeing in the upstairs toilet again. Nothing worse than taking a shit and feeling something crawling up your ass.

Damn these blogs are getting longer, good night people!

so i bet 100$ leor says to you "bro, imagine how funny it would be if zednick fronted a rock band, he'd like break stuff with his hockey stick and stuff."
peace out
i like to move it move it

Bro imagine If Zednik was in a band ... I still can'T understand what he' be saying !!! the guy speaks it'S like listening to a Husky bark.. not quite human...

tke care Li !
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