Saturday, February 25, 2006


Day 9

We called this day, "Laundry Day". We went out in the morning to look for laundry detergent. After shopping around for the cheapest liquid detergent that didn't look like it was bottled in someone's basement, we head back to the hostel to begin doing our laundry. We seperated the whites and the colors, taking as much time as we can, trying to pass the day. This is our last day at The Abbey, so we're very happy. We get upstairs, fuck, we don't have change for the machine. Oh well, gotta go look for a 2 dollar coin and a 1 dollar coin. I go to the nearest place next door and ask the lady for change for a 5 and she happily gives it to me. I rush back, we throw our shit in both machines (colors and whites seperated!) and the wash begins. I go downstairs and watch TV with Leor for about an hour before we go back upstairs to check on the laundry, it's done. We try to save money by throwing both batches into the dryer (another $3, money runs like water here, it's annoying). After begining the dryer, we head back downstairs and watch some more TV as we wait for it to finish. About an hour later, I go upstairs and the machine is done. But when I open it, what I feared would happen had actually happened, the clothes were still a little wet. We brought them downstairs and started hanging them randomly in our room wherever we could. Hanging from the top bunk bed, laid them down on my luggage etc. We left the room and walked around the city a bit. When we got back later that night, the humidity of the clothes had made the air so thick it was hard to breathe in the room. Nevertheless, most of the clothes had dried, so we were able to put them away. We made omelets for supper, yum, mine was mixed with the tomato sauce we had left from the macaroni and pasta. For all of you that feel bad for me right now as I'm explaining this, don't. The truth is I'm having a blast and I need this experience so that I could tell my kids "when I was your age...". Me and Leor are having the time of our lives and wouldn't trade it for anything (that's a lie, i'm sure I could think of something). We head to sleep, knowing that the next day would be the dawn of rest at a new hotel.

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