Thursday, February 23, 2006


Day 7

We go back to school to get our student ID’s finalized. It takes about 1 minute and we’re out. We decide to go to the mall to get a phone to use with the VoIP box I have so that we can call home for free once we move into a place with internet. On our way in, we realize there’s something called RentACentre where we can rent furniture for the duration of our stay at the Royal hotel. She marks down the prices and it comes out to $25/month for a TV and $25/month for a full sized fridge. We’re very happy and take down the contact details. The prices for a phone are too high and we just settle for a Subways sandwich and head back to the hostel. We get back and watch satellite tv for a couple of hours, there are some funny comedy shows on, south park and jay leno. We go back into our rooms and start typing up this diary on our last 7 days, laughing as we recount the shit we’ve been through but hopeful for things to get better.


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