Thursday, February 23, 2006


Day 5

We wake up in the morning and rush to see the apartment. A man makes us fill out a form and then shows us the room we’d be living in. I have to admit it was very nice compared to what we’ve seen and we are almost ready to take it. The man then shows us what he claims to be a gym (with 3 machines, one with a guy who looked like he wasn’t moving for a while) and pool, also not very exciting. Our only problem right now is that we found out the internet is not wireless and we only have one Ethernet jack. To add onto it, the price we determined for internet at the hotel (which was $100 for unlimited), was actually $100 a month so that added costs. We also took into account the cost of the laundry machine etc and realized that we were actually way in over our head and promptly left the place realizing we’d have to live at the Royal hotel. We make our way quickly back to the orientation which had started at 9am, it was now 10am. We walk into a room hall filled with students and are given a pre-made package. Time goes by as the bitch giving the speech realizes no one’s listening to her and she announces “Tea Time!”. We go out to tables filled with cake, orange juice and tea. We sit down for a smoke and Leor suddenly gets the urge to drop the kids off at the pool so he runs to the nearest bathroom. While I’m alone, a guy sits down next to me and starts talking. I find out that he’s in the surf club and when Leor gets back we all talk and he tells us where we can go to sign up at 12. We are excited since this surf club apparently offers free transportation and lessons. We follow the group to the next building for speeches by different departments. We leave in the middle and head to where the clubs are and meet the other surfer guys. One of them starts speaking to us in French and we’re amazed someone actually speaks French out here. We sign up and move onto the next booths to see what other groups have to offer. Lunch is served and we’re still walking around getting information. We pass through Hillel who were very uninformative but quite nice, and finally head outside. Leor explains to me that the surfer guys are also Christians so we’re working with a tough crowd and we joke about the hymns they sing on the bus on the way down to the beach. We get back to the hostel and begin to make dinner, pasta. Of course, the way the week was going, we had to pick the wrong stove top and we waited 30 minutes for the water to boil before trying another one in which the water boiled within 2 minutes. We made the pasta quickly and ate even quicker. I felt like an old man as eating wore me out and I was glad to just hit the sack for a great night of sleep.

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