Thursday, February 23, 2006


Day 4

We wake up refreshed from sleeping near a dust ridden fan, regardless of which, it was a cooler night. We hit the dysfunctional showers, for 20 minutes of trying to figure out how the fuck to regulate the temperature and about 4 minutes of actual cleaning. After getting dressed and grabbing a bowl of cereal and coffee, we make our way down to the Broadway shopping center to pick up a converter for Canadian -> Australian plugs. We get to the shopping center and being the jew that I am, we shop around for the best price for a converter, it’s down to between a Chinese luggage selling fat guy and an electronics store. I think I’ll feel more comfortable using my Visa in the latter. We walk out, I grab an ice cream and Leor grabs what he describes to be the worst hot dog he ever ate and we walk out of the shopping center. As we’re about to cross the street, Leor notices that there are apartments for lease next door to the shopping center. So we go in to have a look, it can’t hurt right? A man describes to us what he claims is one of the last 20 rooms left in the hotel. We’re baffled because these rooms apparently have a kitchen, tv, fridge and a bathroom inside. So we decide the price is right and agree to come back the next day to have a look at the place. We go back to the hostel and have soup for dinner. We quickly create a spreadsheet comparing prices between that apartment and the royal hotel. From the spreadsheet we determine that it might be better to pay the extra bucks to live at that hotel. So we connect to the low signal wireless internet from the guy 8 houses down and get the hotel’s contact information to find out what time they’re open the next day. We go to sleep hopeful and excited as to what the next day will bring.

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