Thursday, February 23, 2006


Day 3

After finding out the ridiculous cell phone prices of 36 cents per minute PLUS a fucking connection charge for LOCAL CALLS!, the hunt continues for a place to stay. We make our way back to the Royal hotel to ask the manager if there are any rooms available in the near future. The manager, Jason, greets us very nicely and informs us that there is in fact a double room available march 5th until the time we have to leave. We’re very happy to hear that and agree to come back to see the place at 4pm. Meanwhile, we make our way back to the hostel and stop by IGA to buy food for the week. We’re cheap jews so we’re looking for the cheapest edible food we can find. We pick up two garlic microwavable pizzas and head back to the hostel. When we get there we’re starving and find out they’re not microwavable. I don’t give a shit, I still throw mine into a microwave and hope for the best. Out comes a dough-tasting garlic drenched cheese sorry excuse for a pizza that I happily devour as I’m starving from lack of food. Leor throws his into the oven along with my second pizza and we sit at the table to eat. John comes out and looking like a fucking hobo, Leor offers him half of his pizza expecting him to say no. John accepts it with puppy eyes and devours the pizza in front of amazed Leor. As of then, John is known as the homeless starving hobo who eats our table scraps because he’s poor. As I’m eating my pizza, I’m happy knowing that we’re moving out of that 4 bunk shithole into a 2 bed room the next day. We rush down to the Royal hotel to check out the place and it’s better than we expected, we leave a 100 dollar deposit each and are now secure knowing we have a place to stay from march 5th until july 4th. We make our way back to the room and lay down, with half a pack of cigarettes done, we were finally going to get a good night’s sleep.

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