Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Day 13

Yeah so the most annoying thing happened to me today. You all know how i'm obsessed with internet right? Well it almost got us evicted from the hotel! Here check this out:

lol idiots. It's funny but its really annoying because I finally setup my VoIP phone in the room with a 514 extension (so that I could call you guys and you guys could call me locally, as if I was in Montreal). We woke up in the morning and got on the Internet, it was finally working. I was able to hook up the phone using my second laptop by sharing the internet but then on their network they had me logged on twice. We went out and left both laptops on, our goal for the day was to take pictures of the city for you guys to see. Check out the updated pictures in the link on your left. Anyways, we took some sick pictures and were really happy and headed back to our rooms in the afternoon, to find that note on our door. I went in and my laptop had been shut off by the administration, they actually went into our room, touched my fucking laptop, turned it off improperly (by just holding the power button) and left the room. So I went to bitch at them at the reception and they gave me this half assed excuse about there being a limit of users allowed on the network at once. And that the internet is meant for checking Emails, it's not allowed to be left on to be used for phones or anything. So I was like, "where is this written down in a rule book, do you guys have a list of rules that we were supposed to read before we took the place". And they said "no, we as management hold the right to enter the rooms at any time, if you have a problem we can gladly check you out of this hotel". Then they have the nerve to tell me that there's no other place in Sydney that allows internet access like they do, uh, hello? we're moving to Royal hotel in 5 days and they're giving us unlimited internet access for cheaper... Fuckin idiots. On top of that it was this new guy, they brought in their "network geek" to take care of shit since the internet kept going down. And you know how I love to school someone who challenges me with computers. So I walk into the office and explain to him how his router fucking sucks and how he doesn't know a thing about computers, he's relying solely on people's MAC addresses (which you can easily change) to see how long they're logged in for. So they saw my computer logged in twice, both computers are called GABY. What's funny is when I got there he was like, "you see, we have you here as logged in". And I just told the guy, "refresh the page". When he refreshed the page I wasn't there anymore. That's when he turned red and I turned happy. I left him my business card (not really, I just told him if they need help with the network they should come ask me in my room) and they said they would take me up on my offer. We went swimming for a bit in the pool and then headed out for supper. I picked up an 800ml bottle of beer for 3.50, pretty cheap, and now we're just chilling after a long day. We took some sick pictures, here are two more funny ones:

For more pictures, check out the link on the top left. We took these for you, so enjoy. And post comments, we love to hear from all of you :)

wdf is that place... just live on the beach man !!!

Lior gimme some news !!!!
Gab sucks monkey balls
your stories are really great! sounds like you guys are having a blast! :D
Anonymous ay? Alex I know it's you, leor keeps talking about you as if you're a serial killer. Everytime we see a homeless guy he says you put him there.
Bro I love your blog, keep it up!!
Gaby man, i would never speak about your animal fetish online, and i'm kind of insulted by your unfounded accusations.

Seriously bro the anonymous posting is not me, might be one of your other twisted buddies.
HAHAHAHAH Alex you rock...I pity the fool who starts an insult match against you.
That's what Alex's mom said last night.

Ahh Lior ! Let me know when you guys are leaving this summer I might spend the last week with you I'm very serious !
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