Sunday, February 26, 2006


Day 11

First off, all of you who think you're so smart with your jokes about Kangaroos and Koalas, everyone says the same thing, you weren't the first to know there are kangaroos here. And second of all, I still haven't seen a kangaroo OR koala here, there's no infestation, I don't see Kangaroos jumping from roof top to roof top scavenging for food or mating in the night. So please refrain from joking about it, it's like Australians joking about us living in igloos, it just isn't true. Sure there are people in Canada that DO live in igloos very very much up north, just as there are kangaroos here in a different area. Now that we got that out of the way and I've offended most of you, here's day 11.

I woke up in the morning at 4:30am, couldn't sleep because of the booze I drank the night before and that damn fan next to me making crunching noises. I know I could have shut it off, but then it'd be too hot to sleep, so it's a lose lose situation. Regardless, I got on my laptop at 4:30am and spoke to people till 8am so I was happy to hear from some of you. When Leor finally woke up, we both took showers and headed out. We grabbed some breakfast and walked to the nearest bus #370, the plan for today was to go to Coogee beach, this time with towels, sunscreen and music. We took the bus down, this time doing it like pros, $1.80 ready and student ID out. We got to Coogee beach 30 minutes later to a beautiful day. Very very hot for the most part. We tanned and went into the freezing cold water (with HUGE waves that knock you off your feet) until 3pm. At that time, the sky was already getting cloudy and so we decided to head back. When we got back we went online for a bit and then walked to IGA to pick up groceries for the week. When we got back we ate supper and relaxed as a thunderstorm came in with beautiful lightning and the cries of birds getting hit by it. I stayed up most of the rest of the night working on work-stuff so thats not really interesting. Just know that I miss everyone and I can't wait to see all of you when I get back. I keep getting news about people getting engaged in Montreal, what's the rush? Is life really that short? My plan is to get married when I'm 27 or 28 but sometimes (like my married sister says) it just happens, it's not planned. Lots of things to think about. The internet signal is still low and disconnects every once in a while, at which point I have to walk next door and bitch at the receptionist who's tired of going upstairs every 10 minutes to reset it. Tough luck, thats the only reason I'm staying here for now, Internet. That's why we're paying an outrageous price of $225 AUD for 8 nights stay, as compared to $130/week in other places. Regardless, I'm very happy with where I'm staying right now. I have been able to leave my laptop in my room unattended twice without it getting stolen, so that's good. I wanted to post some pictures today but that would require actually taking pictures which we havent had much luck in doing. We saw some funny stuff we wanted to photograph, first off there's a street called "High St." but someone ripped off the sign (probably a college student thinking he was funny), so we couldnt photograph it on the way to the beach. We also saw something else that was funny, a mannequin completely naked posing with a purse. They're selling purses with porno now, that's amazing. I got a nice tan today, I'm glad I went to the beach, it was worth it. The plan for tomorrow is to go to K-mart and grab some junk food and maybe visit the city a little bit, we'll see what happens. This is gaby signing off for the night.

whattttt i'm leavin comments like some marijane
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