Saturday, February 25, 2006


Day 10

We wake up in the morning, very happy to know that we're leaving The Abbey (jail cell) today. I make eggs for breakfast, trying to finish whats left, and Leor makes cereal (he steals someone else's milk from the fridge). We sit in the lobby from 9:30am till 11:30am since we can only check in at the next hotel at noon. We finally head out and hail a cab. We get a small cab so we have to force all our luggage into it, it was funny, some of it was practically sitting on the driver since we have so much shit. We make it to our hotel and drag our shit to the reception. The receptionist asks us where we're from and suddenly starts talking about how he skis also, he's a ski instructor in Australia, great, i don't give a shit. Anyways the mountains here have like 5 runs, he's nothing compared to us Canadians. Just give me my room key. We leave a deposit for the room key and after paying for the week we make our way to our room. Very nice room compared to what we've seen. We have a balcony (great view) of the wall of the building next door, and 4 beds in the room (for 2 of us ??? ). We also have a couch, a fan, a desk, a chair, very nice, we're spoiled :). There's a pool downstairs which looks ok, and we have a common room with very comfy couches, nintendo n64, a 50" television, a collection of movies and a VCR. On top of that we finally have internet, a low signal that keeps dying but better than nothing. We chill in the room for a couple of hours checking our emails etc, and head out for lunch. We stop by this Thai place where Leor eats food that kills his stomach for the rest of the night. We go back to our room and chill until we head out for supper and grab a pizza, a 800ml bottle of beer and a 770ml bottle of vodka orange passion (thats mine), we get back to the room and chill for a bit. We're exhausted since we had to wake up early in the morning to get ready, so we're ready to hit the sack. The plan for tomorrow is to go to Coogee beach with towels this time, and chill the whole day. Gotta get some relaxing in before school starts on March 6th. Check out the link on the left for updated pictures of our trip!

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