Thursday, February 23, 2006


Day 1

Welcome to The Abbey on King. We arrived at midnight to the smallest piece of shit hostel I’ve ever seen in my life. The truth is we almost missed it because the sign is so small and it’s connected to a restaurant. We get to the door with 4 pieces of luggage each, glad to finally get to a bed to rest but the fucking door is locked. Luckily, the owner left his mobile number on the door and he was able to get his always drunk and grunting heavy Australian accent speaking old man whore of a janitor to come unlock the door. As he grunts for us to go upstairs, I knew this was not going to turn out to be a good night’s sleep. As we pull our luggage up 2 flights of stairs wondering how the fuck we went from living with the richest people alive in Los Angeles to being demoted to this ugly shit ass excuse for a hotel, we stop by a door marked Room 2A. The janitor opens the door to a half naked man on the bottom of a bunk bed, facing another empty bunk bed. I never thought I would know how it feels to be in a jail cell. I jump onto the lower second bunk and leave my luggage next to the bed in case someone steals my shit. I’m already feeling like shit because it’s 32 degrees Celsius at night and I’m sleeping next to a guy I’ve never seen before. Just as I am about to close my eyes and pass out from the heat, the door unlocks and opens and another man walks in. I open my eyes and see that he’s staring at me, so I wave and say “hello”. The reply I get makes me shiver and wonder what else can go wrong, he says, “you’re in my bed”. Apparently, the half drunk janitor had forgotten to inform me that the lower bunk on the second bed was taken, so I moved my shit to the upper bunk with half-naked-man and try to fall asleep. No luck. I can’t sleep but I stay still so as not to disturb what could be a psychopath underneath me.

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