Sunday, March 05, 2006


Leor's Day 18

Today was the big moving day. I woke up at around 8:30AM. To be honest my alarm woke me up at 8:00AM but I kept hitting the snooze button. Isn’t it funny how we always think we can go back to sleep for just another ten minutes. I really slept well except for the times Gaby woke me up in the middle of the night. I swear to you the guy talks in his sleep. He mumbles weird things and makes noises that sound like tribal chants. (Weird!!!)

Anyway, by the time I got out of the shower, he had just gotten out of bed. We had a quick breakfast and made sure we packed everything. Unfortunately we had to leave the pack of sugar and the jar of Mayo behind…Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

We then had to take our entire luggage down the staircase and all the way to the reception next door. We had to be at the Royal after noon so we decided to bum around for 2 hours and then call a cab. Malca watched some TV show about the Academy Awards, I played some Civilization. I was the ruthless Aztecs dictator and chose communism to rule my people.

It was time to bounce so Malca went to hail a cab. But first we took a pic with our friend the dumbass receptionist (check it out). The cab driver was a friendly Iranian who seemed to be having a bad day. We arrived at the Royal and chilled for half an hour until our room was ready. The brutal part was taking our tons of luggage up 3 flights of stairs. By some miracle, we got to our room and finally unpacked. I checked out some hockey highlights and caught the 3rd period of the Montreal-Tampa game. Montreal won. Also, Toronto lost to Ottawa. BURN LEAFS BURN.

We then went to the Rent Center to get our fridge. I noticed that the guy working there had a Montreal Canadiens hat. He was all serious at first but when he found out we were from his hometown he became all chill and started joking around. I told him that the Habs won and he got all pissed because he had recorded the game and was planning on watching it later. Sorry dude. We didn’t get the fridge. Apparently you need your passport number to rent things. We’ll get the fridge tomorrow. On our way back Gaby signed up at the Uni Gym. He wants to get cut like the incredible Hulk.
For supper, I made some rice on this pre-historic gas stove. It was one of these stoves that you have to light up with a match
and pray to GOD that the building doesn't bllow up. They were supposed to get a new one by the time we got there but apparently they never got to it. No worries.

Tomorrow is the first day of classes so I better get some sleep. A bientot les amis.

Good night

Bahahahahaha ...

Loved the pics !!!
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