Monday, February 27, 2006


Leor's Day 12

Alright this is the first blog I ever write so let's give this fucker a try.

Today was kind of a boring day.
We did nothing special. Our plan for the day was to go chill at the Broadway shopping center. Malca wanted to buy some sort of crossover cable for his internet phone. I woke up late at around
10:00AM. Ever since I got here I’ve getting up very early but today was different I woke up late and was still tired. Anyhow after showering and eating we left the hostel. First, we stopped at the Royal Hotel to ask Jason if our soon to be room would have Ethernet jacks, apparently it will.
We continued up
KING ST. to the shopping center and walked into this electronics store called Dick Smith Electronic. Most of the workers there were Chinese and one of them came up to us and showed us to the cables. The 1m cable was 8$ so I offered to pay half since I was planning on using the phone as well. We also went to Coles where I bought a bag of BBQ chips as a snack for the week. On our way out we decided to go for lunch. This hotel in front of the shopping center had a sign that read 5$meal. We went in, I ordered the chicken burger, Malca went for the veggie burger. The thing is you pay 5$ for any meal but you must order a drink and all drinks were 3,50$. Therefore it’s not a 5$ meal but a 8,50$ meal. fucking scammers (so there are jews in Australia). But I can’t complain the chicken burger was sick and we each got a side order of French fries. In Australia they call them chips, it reminds me of Israel. We headed back both with our stomachs full. Back in the room the internet was dead, I decided to play some Civilization and I was quite good this time. However my society wouldn’t evolve and I did what I usually do when I get bored: I declared war on Greece, Egypt and the Americans. I lost. Take care everyone and stay clean. Sab I hope you read this.

Lior we miss you ! How is the Shmeeeeeeez in that god forsaken piece of rock lost in the middle of chinaman land called Owstraylia
I've been reading gaby`s blog for a few days and am very happy to see that lior decided to write. Finally someone who may actually be funny ( that was a cheap shot). Keep up the good work lior and try to plug in humiliating stories involving Gaby, those usually end up being the funniest(note: lior tu es libre d'exagerer, d'ajouter des personnages... u know anything that will make the story a little funnier.)

Anyways guys, hope ure having a great time, we're all still freezing our balls in this part of the globe. To both of you,enjoy australia and all its pleasures if u get what i'm saying.
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